i-MET from Combitech – Defining Excellence in Weather Information Systems Solutions

Combitech, a company within the Saab Group, has for over 25 years developed different types of integrated weather information systems. i-MET is our concept of integrated weather products for aviation, road, sea and military applications.

With i-MET, the Customers achieves integration in practice, resulting in lower costs and user-friendly systems.

In the development of weather information systems, Combitech always complies with current regulations. Regulations from ICAO, WMO, EUROCONTROL, EASA, EUROCAE and the EU, are some examples of regulations that applies to the systems used for aviation.

For software development, ISO and TickIT standards applies. The inclusion of regulations and standards in the product development ensures products of the highest quality, to the benefit of stakeholders, users and maintenance personnel.

A large number of our customers choose to continue with weather systems from Combitech when it is time to renewing the existing systems. We see this as a proof of confidence and a proof of our high quality of our products and services. Facts that we are very proud of and that gives us inspiration to continuous development of i-MET.